How to record screen (audio,camera) to MP4(for Mac)
If you want to record something on the screen, whether it's a video or your own ppt, you need a screen recording program.
Even if you want to record sound at the same time, the camera, for example, do a video commentary on a show.
Step 1:We need a recorder
To record screen video/audio/camera, we need a screen recorder. Download and install AMS Total Recorder Ultimate
Step 2 : Choose Record Mode
Optional mode has full screen, area, single window.
Step 3 : Choose If Need Record Audio/Camera
Step 4 : Click “Start Record” to start and Settings
Step 5 : End of recording or pause
End or pause recording on the status bar in the top right corner,now we get the final mp4 file.
If you want to record Computer Audio (Computer Audio Stream and Online Music), there are some plugins online, may be a bit complicated however it comes to kernel programming, we will solve this problem as soon as possible.