How to make your own Ringtones (for Mac Users)
The sound that the mobile phone rings when it is called is usually divided into three types: live ringtones, special effects, and funny ringtones. The format is MP3, waw, mmf, midi, m4r, etc. With the support of the mobile phone manufacturer, the calls of different types of contacts can be It sets the ringtones of different sounds to distinguish them. Due to the popularity of mobile phones, the variety of mobile phone ringtones has been formatted, and recording ringtones has become a new generation of industries. If we want to make a ringtone that is completely belong to us. We need to use this app: AMS Ringtone Maker
Step 1:We need a converter
Download and install AMS Ringtone Maker
Step 2 : Import audio in
Launch the converter, import the audios to convert. Use “Import” button or just drag and drop the audio from hard disk to the left.
Step 3 : Cut Audio And Edit
You can cut the audio which you want to make the ringtone , and set the fade in/out, volume.
Step 4 : Set the Name And Output Directory
Step 5 : Choose format (MP3 / M4R .etc)
Step 6 : Export Ringtone, Transfer Ringtone to your Phone. Done.