How to make GIF from videos (for Mac Users)
GIF is divided into static GIF and animated GIF. The extension is .gif, which supports transparent background images. The "body size" is very small. Many small animations on the Internet are GIF format. In fact, GIF saves multiple images as an image file to form an animation. The most common is a funny gif connected by animation of one frame.
If we want to make a gif from a special video. We need to use this app: AMS AnyVideo to Gif.
Step 1:We need a Tool
Download and install AMS AnyVideo to Gif
Step 2 : Import video in
Launch the app, import video to make gif. Use “Import” button or just drag and drop the audio from hard disk to the left.
Step 3 : Cut Video
You can cut the video which you want to make the gif , do not cut too long, better less than 30s.
Step 4 : Crop and Edit
Crop the area on the video and edit the gif size, bit rate, frame rate.
Step 5 : Export Gif. Done.