How to edit Audio/MP3 ID3 Info (for Mac Users)
ID3 is a metadata container that is mostly used in audio files in MP3 format. It can store related music names, singers, albums, track numbers and other information in MP3 files. If you want to edit the audio file ID3 (not limited to MP3 format), We need to use a simple tool app AMS Audio Converter. Following a few steps:
Step 1:We need a ID3 Editor
Download and install AMS Audio Converter
Step 2 : Import audios
Launch the converter, import the audios to convert. Use “Import” button or just drag and drop the audios from hard disk to program.
Step 3 : Select ID3 And Edit
3.1 Select “ID3 / Export” to “ID3”, then edit id3 infos below
3.2 Click “Save Id3 to Source File” to save the changes in source file. Done!
Step 4 : Save ID3 In New File
Choose “Export”, And Select an Output Format such as MP3, WMA, AAC.,etc. Note that you need to check the “Write ID3 informations to dest files automatically”. And finally click "Convert".Finished!