How to convert video to FLV (for Mac Users)
The FLV streaming format is a new video format called Flash Video. Flash MX 2004 provides perfect support for it. Its appearance effectively solves the shortcomings of importing Flash files into Flash and making the exported SWF file bulky and not easy to use on the network. So, If you want to send the video to the web while keeping the video size small enough, the flv format is a good choice. Then if you convert other format videos into flv videos,we need to use a tool app AMS iMedia Converter. Follow a few steps:
Step 1:We need a converter
Download and install AMS iMedia Converter
Step 2 : Import videos
Launch the converter, import the videos we need to convert. Use “Add Files” button or just drag and drop the videos from hard disk to program.
Step 3 : Select Flash Video format
Select Flash Video in Profile button menu list “Web Stream > Flash Video”.
Step 4 : Convert video to hard disk
Click “convert” to export videos. When the convert has finished, the program will pop up the “Finder”, display and select the converted Flv files. Great!