How to convert any video to Mp4 (for Mac Users)
Format conversion is an indispensable part of our life and work. According to one example, there are more people using Apple mobile phones, but the market share of Android mobile phones is also higher. Everyone knows that the video taken by IOS system is mov format, then Android mobile phone When it is mp4, how to send mov format/other format videos to friends of Android phones? We need to use a tool app AMS iMedia Converter. Follow a few steps:
Step 1:We need a converter
Download and install AMS iMedia Converter
Step 2 : Import videos
Launch the converter, import the videos we need to convert. Use “Add Files” button or just drag and drop the videos from hard disk to program.
Step 3 : Select MPEG-4 Movie format
Select MPEG-4 Movie in Profile button menu list “Video > MPEG-4 Movie”.
Step 4 : Convert video to hard disk
Click “convert” to export videos. When the convert has finished, the program will pop up the “Finder”, display and select the converted MP4 files. Great!