How to convert any audio/video to Flac (for Mac Users)
FLAC is a well-known set of free audio compression coding that features lossless compression. Unlike other lossy compression codes such as MP3 and AAC, it does not destroy any original audio information, so you can restore the sound quality of your music CD. At present, many tools and players on the market do not perfectly support the FLAC format, the sound is not normal, or the auido time is not available. There is an app here that perfectly supports FLAC. If you need to convert music to Flac, We need to use this app: AMS Audio Converter.
Step 1:We need a converter
Download and install AMS Audio Converter
Step 2 : Import audio
Launch the converter, import the audios to convert. Use “Import” button or just drag and drop the audios from hard disk to program.
Step 3 : Select Export Format And Convert
3.1 Select “ID3 / Export” to “Export”, then in Output Format button menu list select “FLAC - Raw Aduio”.
3.2 Click “Convert” to export audios. Great!