How to convert and transfer video to iPhone (for Mac Users)
The iPhone is a series of smartphones developed by Apple Inc. of the United States, equipped with the iOS operating system developed by Apple. From the first generation iPhone in early 2007 to the iPhone XS in 2018, according to iPhone's official page, it has been supporting MOV, MP4, 3GP, MPV video formats, and the resolution is around 720P. iPhone users need to use iTunes to transfer multimedia files(audio/video/image) from their PC to the iPhone.
However, if your video cannot be played in your iPhone, you may need to convert it first. This article will show you a few simple steps to get a iPhone playable video.
Step 1:We need a converter
Download and install AMS iMedia Converter
Step 2 : Import videos
Launch the converter and in the program, import the videos we need to convert. Use “Add Files” button or just drag and drop the videos from hard disk to program.
Step 3 : Select iPhone video format
Select iPhone 6/6s/7/8 Plus (or other iPhone format) in Profile button menu list “Apple Device > iPhone 6/6s/7/8 Plus” at the bottom of the program.
Step 4 : Convert video to hard disk
Click “convert” to export videos. When the convert has finished, the program will pop up the “Finder”, display and select the converted files.
Step 5 : Import video into iTunes
Launch iTunes, go to menubar iTunes > File > Add to Library… to import target movie from output folder into iTunes; or just drag and drop the video into iTunes.
Step 6 : Transfer video to iPhone
Connect the iPhone with the data cable to the PC’s USB port. After the iTunes identification and connection is successful, check the video file, and then click the sync now button to sync the video file to the iPhone.
Note the name of the converted mp4 files, if there are already such files in the Huawei Phone, please change them to another name.