How to convert and transfer video to Huawei P Series (for Mac Users)
Huawei P series is a high-end product, taking the fashion route, the appearance is very good.On the evening of March 27th, Huawei released the new generation flagship P20/P20 Pro in Paris, France. The camera ability is the strongest in history. Among them, the P20 Pro not only innovatively used 40 million colors + 20 million black and white + 8 million three times optical zoom Leica lens, but also refreshed the DXOMark mobile phone photo score record - 109 points, of which 114 points, 98 points. Compared with Mate 10 Pro, the total score has increased by 11 points, and far exceeds Samsung S9+ (99 points) and Apple iPhone X (97 points).
However, due to copyright and business cooperation issues, video applications preset by Huawei mobile phones no longer support video playback in Real Series encoding formats, including rm, rv, rmvb, asf, wmv, wma, etc.
So, if your video cannot be played in the Huawei P Series, you may need to convert it first. This article will show you a few simple steps to get a playable video.
Step 1:We need a converter
Download and install AMS iMedia Converter
Step 2 : Import videos
Launch the converter and in the program, import the videos we need to convert. Use “Add Files” button or just drag and drop the videos from hard disk to program.
Step 3 : Select Huawei P Series format
Select Huawei P Series in Profile button menu list “video > Huawei P Series” at the bottom of the program.
Step 4 : Convert video to hard disk
Click “convert” to export videos. When the convert has finished, the program will pop up the “Finder”, display and select the converted files.
Step 5 : Transfer video to Huawei cell phone
Connect you phone with your computer, then import the converted file to your Huawei Phone.
Note the name of the converted mp4 files, if there are already such files in the Huawei Phone, please change them to another name.
What else can AMS iMedia Converter do for you?
1. Convert videos/Audios to almost 100 formats for various devices;
2. Edit video/audio, such as crop, rotate, trim, effect and watermark;
3. Merge videos/audios to one file;
4. Even a simple ringtone maker;
5. Get Video snapshots and combine them into a long caption.